Sustainable management of water


Product Objective :

We estimate that between 20% and 30% of water consumption is lost through leakage and waste. The conservation of water resources and its rational use must answer in part to the demand and alleviate the heavy investment programs and perhaps even deal with scarcity.
Our product answer the major to problem of waste and loss of water to reduce water bills and also the budgets of water managements, especially developing ecological sense and awareness of water conservation with the aim of sustainable development.


Our Solution :

Our product is water saving system based on an electronic device «Smart Faucet». Which can adapts to the output of all type of faucet, To ensure the measures of consumption and the display in real time on faucet, For each use of tap this device
sending by a wireless network the measurements consumption to a storage device which collects the measures (24hours/7days).


Stored data will be processed and analyzed by a software or web service to provide a user with a detailed report of its consumption (Statistics and advice). This report helps the citizen control water consumption, and to know the ideal consumer for
these conditions, to bring a translational consumption in an ideal consumption to save water.
The electronic device can be integrated inside the faucet.


The software can be embedded in the storage device with a touch screen and can be in the smartphone and tablet.
This system is patented and it can be adapted to be used in the industrial or agricultural sector.