Sustainable management of water


The Data of water consumption will be processed and analyzed by the software, taking into account several parameters, which are :
- Climate (geographical area).
- The number and ages of people in the house.
- The purpose of using the device (kitchen, bathroom, ….. etc..).
- Habits of people (the old consumption).
- Customization.


The software will calculate the total consumption of a given duration of all the house or a single faucet (kitchen, shower,….etc.) or a person; and compare it with the ideal consumption (real needs). Consumption is calculated relative to the previous settings, to identify if it is near or far from the real needs and specify the real needs quantity. The software displays the statistics of users’ house consumption, loss or extravagance of water.


Analysis of data on consumption of multiple users will know the consumption of each user, depending on the time of use of the faucet, and thus define the excessive consumers.